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Setting the Record Straight about Mentawai Surf Camp

An Analytical Review of Overview on Local Surf Camps: A Closer Look at Over-Simplification, Quick Categorizations, and the Search for the Silver Lining

Greetings, It has come to our attention that there's a misleading narrative circulating online about Mentawai Surf Camp, a narrative that appears to be riddled with inaccuracies and unwarranted criticisms. We feel compelled to address this misinformation, correct the inaccuracies, and provide a fair and balanced perspective about our esteemed surf camp.

Dave Blackburn from @surfcampsumatra built the first webpage of our operation and of the Mentawais. We bought the site and domain through a lawful contract where we agreed to part ways amicably. Now he is writing blogs about us..classy maneuver Dave. We are evaluating legal action. Source

First and foremost, we want to stress that the individual (Dave Blackburn) who published this erroneous information on their website have never been officially invited to audit or evaluate our operation. Their lack of firsthand experience and intimate knowledge about our camp and its operations compromises the credibility and validity of their claims.

Here at Mentawai Surf Camp, we pride ourselves on offering a top-tier surf experience, and we feel that it's important to highlight some key features that set us apart:

Comfort: Contrary to what has been stated, our rooms are designed with comfort in mind, equipped with both AC and fans, as well as private bathrooms.

We believe in providing a space that is both cozy and functional, ensuring a pleasant stay for all our guests.

Family-Friendly Environment: While other surf resorts may have many children around, our camp is home to a tight-knit, well-behaved, and talented group of kids. Our eldest son, Thariq, is one of the best local surfers in the area. His Instagram handle is @surfwiththariq.

Visitors to our camp are often inspired as well as coached by the skills and courteous nature of our youngster.

Quality Cuisine: Our camp is owned and operated by an Indonesian citizen from Padang, graduate from the renowned culinary academy, Le Cordon Bleu. This ensures that we serve only the best food, aiming to satisfy both the most casual and discerning palates.

Meaty burgers with double cheese and thick fries. Fresh fruits.

Top-Notch Transportation: We are proud to introduce our new boat, LOLA, a 400hp nautical weapon that prioritizes comfort and safety. LOLA's performance puts our operation right next to the top-tier operators in terms of convenience and reliability.

25 knots. drives through the nastiest of weather. Stable, will reduce stress transfers between waves, stay dry on the inside or enjoy yacht life on the bean bag bow. Top choice for Professional surfers and videographers

Unbeatable Location: We would like to stress that we are not located in a swamp, as has been incorrectly suggested. Like other surf camps in the Mentawai region, we are located on an island near a mangrove swamp just like ALL other camps. Location is one of the strongest points of Mentawai Surf Camp. We are not only close to a mangrove area, like all camps in the region, but we are also nestled near a lush rainforest, which brings down the evening temperatures, offering a natural, relaxing coolness that enhances the overall surfing experience.

Our location boasts an A-frame wave out front, deemed a great wave for learning.

Sacha, our 6 year old and Zacky our 7 year old share our wave out front. Where do you think Thariq learned to surf?
Same peak, different wave and different angle

It's also the very wave where our surfer guide son, @surfwithThariq, learned to surf. We are in proximity to a multitude of great surfing spots: 9 waves to the south within a 5-10 minute drive, 9 more waves to the north, and another 9 waves just a 20 30-minute ride away on our super-speedboat.

@surfcampsumatra is not only missing a ton of waves  in his little pretty map but fails to mention that 90% of other camps have to park their boats in our bay when a decent swell or a storm comes in

We are not only passionate about surfing, but also about contributing to the sustainable development of the Mentawai region. We are currently working on a project to build fiberglass canoes, which we hope will provide the local community with better, sustainable, affordable, and safe boats.

Unfortunately, it seems that the inaccuracies and misleading information circulating about our camp can be traced back to our former web developer Mr Dave Blackburn, owner of the site surf camp sumatra. He had initially collaborated with us to establish our website and market our operation in 2009. Despite the initial agreement, our growing success from our on site work done by Lora and Diego, we saw our numbers increase along with the popularity of surfing the Mentawais, making ways for differences regarding the sustainable growth strategy for the camp. While it's regrettable that things have taken this turn, we remain committed to providing top-notch surf experiences and contributing positively to the Mentawai community.We invite anyone curious about our operation to visit our official website at or better yet, join us here in the beautiful Mentawai region.

Furthermore, our location doesn't hinder our access to the best surf spots in the region, thanks to our fastest and most comfortable fleet, our strategic location, coupled with speedy, reliable transportation, ensures our guests can reach prime surfing spots swiftly and comfortably.

While we have installed air conditioning systems in some rooms for the comfort of our guests, many find they prefer the natural coolness of the surroundings, often turning off air conditioning units and fans, and instead cozying under the thick blankets we provide. This natural acclimation helps our guests adapt to the local environment, making their stay even more immersive and authentic.

An authentic experience is what we're all about.

Our Private rooms offer single, double and tripple share with ensuite toilet and bathroom

Experience first-hand the unique and wonderful surf experience that we proudly provide.Let's stand against misinformation and for fair treatment in the surf industry. If you support our cause, Let's stand against misinformation and for fair treatment in the surf industry. If you support our cause, we invite you to use the hashtag #TruthAboutMentawaisurfcamp and #BoycottSurfCampSumatra to spread awareness and show solidarity. Let's ensure the integrity and transparency of information about the world's best surf spots. We appreciate your understanding and continued support.

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An Analytical Review of Overview on Local Surf Camps: A Closer Look at Over-Simplification, Quick Categorizations, and the Search for the Silver Lining