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Eat like a king in remote West Sumatra

"the food is absolutely amazing"


donesian-born Chef Lora Riska is on a mission to make every meal at the camp a romantic affair. Initiated into the most prestigious and oldest school of cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu, Lora has easily grasped and dominated an appetite and arrogance comparable to her French counterparts, with a strict objective to achieve perfection in every bite.We guarantee that guests will always embark on a delicious new journey whenever the table is set at Mentawai Surf Camp.

Our Dining Service

Setup in our rooftop bar area with 360-degree views of the bay, a morning egg station is situated to cook your preferred breakfast style. Options of pancakes, eggs, homemade bread and toast with honey, butter, jams and vegemite are for you to plough in, along with all-day coffee, tea and cereals. Lunch is served at midday or taken on our boat for full-day missions. Dinner is usually a three-course affair with entrees, main and dessert. Our dishes vary daily with local specialities, Western musts, and a blend of worldwide cuisine dishes we have worked on and perfected during our operational years.

Never Stop Exploring

Whether you have a specific food requirement or you love to try out new things, our personalized, varied menus will keep your paladar guessing and excited about what the next meal will bring

"Her speciality is wood fried pizza -and its' one of the best pizza's - not only on the Mentawai's but world wide"
Pepperoni Pizza
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