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"The surf was unbelievable, it was a continuous procession of clean walls and barrels depending on what break you were surfing, and the best thing was that out of the 20 plus surfs we had, almost all of them were pretty much empty and we had it to ourselves"


oming to the Mentawai Islands on a surf trip is a truly remarkable adventure. Our dream launchpad, located in one of the safest bays in the area, has almost instant access from your room to our boat and then to over 25 surf brakes in a 10km radius of our location. With our wide selection of fibre glass sustainable boats, there will always be a ready ride to take you to your dream location.

About Our Experiences

Mentawai is every surfer's desire and checks all the boxes; vivid backgrounds, perfect waves breaking over warm water, fully decorated reef, friends, beer, & paradise. Here lies your ultimate surfing frontier of dreamed-of epic adventures. Local culture blends your trip with smiling faces, pleasant views and untouched nature. People come here to find themselves, to define what they signify as travelling watermen, and most of all, to contemplate and absorb with passion the surf that embraces these small islands in the Indian Ocean.

Our Mentawai island resort is ready for you to experience epicness!

Living With Us

From adequate shade time in our boat, proper hydration fluids available, spare boats and engines, spare stock of fuel, serviced facilities, one or two cameras on board, in-water photographer, a surplus of speedboat drivers, regular boat and engine maintenance, one chef with three experienced assistants, radio-wave fast internet on land, and a powerful evacuation boat with satellite internet, we will have you covered to engage with the most subtle and intense touches of the Mentawai Surf Experience.

"The camp is a family atmosphere and well set up considering the remoteness of the Mentawai"

Every step becomes a fond memory. The journey itself is a reminder that there are no coincidences. No two waves are equal; the only companion is often the ocean, the jungle, and the mist. Language barriers are playful mimicries. Interaction with people and the place resembles an elegant dance. The pace is smooth, gentle and graceful. Visiting the Mentawai Islands is like a dream, often making travellers return time and time to assure themselves this place is, in fact, real. The only risk is wanting to stay longer.

Perfect Kandui Left

Better Than you Ever Dreamed.

Did you ever wonder what the ultimate surfing lifestyle looks like?

  1. Picture having a boat-making garage under a rock star rooftop bar to hit it off with your mates in the evenings.
  2. Imagine a boat-valet parking service with the best boats and drivers in the archipelago taking you anytime, anywhere, along with an assistant boat tender.
  3. Visualize a video and photo crew following you to visit the most beautiful reefs and waves in the world
  4. Fancy a top chef cooking for you three excellent meals every day
  5. Ponder about of having the fastest transfers from Padang to camp and back all included in one package

We broke the standard of our 3-star hotel and turned our humble homestay family house into the Mentawai's Iron Man Compound. We have housed some of the best surfers, top video makers and a bunch of absolute, wicked, amazing surfing travellers from all over the globe, that have come to us looking for the ultimate surfing adventure: experiencing the Mentawai waves... with Style

  • Get your travel insurance ready
  • Lock in a date
  • Prepare physically with 1 month in advance
  • Prepare a set of boards to bring over
  • Sit back and let us reel you home and into nirvana

Experience Details

Our daily routines aim to complete every detail needed  to keep your main essence undisturbed, motivated, precise and attentive to the day's events and adventures. We prepare every step that will allow you to immerse your senses into perfect waves, even on long sunny or stormy days. Whether it's a 4-foot fun wave or a 7-foot drainer, you can count that your mind won't be doing a thing but remain present to witness and experience the power and universal beauty of each set of waves braking in this remote location. We are the stepping stone that gives you a once in a lifetime window to explore and expose your innermost feelings with a blend of power, fear and beauty. Book your trip with us today !

You only live once.

Experience something new

Kanduis Left little sister. Just as mean as its sibling, needs big swells to wrap around properly. Can deliver start to finish barrels and reels for more than 200 yards.

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Heavy, fast and barrelling, this right offers numerous barrel sections for any willing surfer.

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