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Innovation through Sustainability.

"We are making new things. We are making ourselves and the town better"


ello, My name is Diego; I am the Marketing Manager of a local surf resort in Indonesia. I am a Colombian and Australian National working in Indonesia for the past 15 years.

During Covid, We constructed boat-making and servicing facilities in our location to safely, quickly and inexpensively dock, build and service small and medium fibreglass boats. On 2022 brought to our camp top Indonesia's fibreglass boat builders to perfect an already successful proof of concept boat.

Boat Shed + Fiberglass vessels

We also built a small-size prototype that can offer a perfect sustainable option for wood canoes throughout the archipelago. 

Our first fiberglass prototype has been an amazing success so far

Thank to a recent campaign this year, we are coating all our current wooden hulls with layers of fibreglass to increase their shelf life and reduce maintenance costs and constant docking. We hope locals, businesses and other camps and resorts find this practice efficient and set a better example for caring for the Mentawai rainforest and its dependent environment.

Wooden boat being turned into a fiberglass boat

When you stay with us, you are directly helping us gather experience, know-how and skills to glass dugout canoes or "print out" affordable, safe, efficient and durable fibreglass boats and begin an overdue change in the Mentawai Marine Industry.

Easier to Maintain. Deforestation impact = ZERO

Our Story

Back in 2009, Lora and Diego decided to set shop in the town of Pei Pei. Back then, they started turning this little hut into a family gathering Uma (family house), for those who would become their loyal employees and guests. Walking down the road, you can interact with Indonesian traders, Sikereis (local shamans), and hundreds of little children running freely, playing on the beaches, and surfing the beginner wave that brakes right in front of the Mentawai surf resort. Diego and Lora have been through a fantastic journey. Staying at par with development and keeping a check on it, this portal accounts for the conjunction of many cultures from different time zones representing different epochs with the sole purpose of enjoying the most fantastic experiences on the planet: surfing the Mentawai archipelago

Our Philosophy

At Mentawai Surf Camp, we work closely with the local community. By hiring and training local people, we contribute to the community's general well-being,  We support local markets and fishermen and rely on local goods/produce. We positively contribute to the economy and motivate local people to work closely for a better future. We support local artisans, farmers, fishermen, and all round workers.

Our Approach

At Mentawai Surf Camp, the environment around us is a priority. We made a monumental effort to distance ourselves from unsustainable practices in our main business areas. We quickly identified that fibreglass boats are the answer to the future of a sustainable Mentawai marine industry. We successfully built two vessels that we now service and regularly use in our operations. We hope others follow suit. All of our waste is either reused, recycled or disposed of responsibly. By working closely with local schools, we strive for higher environmental awareness for the younger generations.

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Diego Riveros

Marketing Manager

Lora Riska

Head Chef


Marine Manager

At-Thariq Juaco

Head Surf Guide

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