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Ambassador Selection Process for Mentawai Surf Camp 2025 Trip

Nomination Deadline: All nominations must be submitted by May 31, 2024, at 7 AM Jakarta time. Comments posted after this deadline will not be considered.

Voting Rounds:

  1. First Semi-Final Round: Within one week of the nomination deadline, we will conduct the first voting round featuring the top ten most nominated individuals that have accepted the nomination. The top four from this group will move on to our first semi-final voting post, which will be active for 48 hours. A screenshot of the results will be posted, declaring the first semi-finalist. A screenshot of the polling results will be posted on the announced deadline.
  2. Second Semi-Final Round: Immediately following the first, a new post will introduce the next round for the subsequent top four most nominated individuals (excluding those from the first round). This round also lasts for 48 hours, after which we will announce the second winner.
  3. Final Round: The final voting round pits the two semi-final winners against the two least nominated of the initial top ten. This vote lasts for 48 hours. The final results will be screenshot and posted on the deadline, and the chosen ambassador for the 2025 surf trip will be announced.

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